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6 Tips for Successful Team Onboarding

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How can businesses improve their remote onboarding process in order to increase productivity and achieve higher success? Here are seven practical suggestions to help you boost your onboarding efforts.  

Tip #1. Set Up The Appropriate Technology

et Up The Appropriate Technology

Remote onboarding’s success is contingent on correctly functioning technology. Companies that want to hire remote workers should make sure they have the right technology and support in place. Businesses that provide computers to their remote employees, for example, should make appropriate and systematic instructional setup films.

Tip #2. Begin With A Simple Project.

All of your new remote team members start working right away. As a result, plan small objectives for them to do throughout their first 30-90 days. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how well they match your expectations. You might also give them exercises that need teamwork during their first few weeks to help them meet their teammates.

Tip #3. Make Your Remote Team Feel Like They’re In Their Own Home.

Being a part of a great team inspires employees to do their best job. Although they may not have all of the advantages of working in a physical workplace, they can get along with others if they are properly onboarded. 

  • Sending them an excellently prepared new team member welcome kit can help them achieve this goal. 
  •  Sending them a welcome video 
  •  Enlisting the help of new team members to create introduction videos  

Tip #4. Make Meaningful Connections And Engagements 

By generating meaningful conversations and connections, you can improve your remote onboarding experience. To engage all parties, the process should be participatory. However, don’t let the process drag on. Instead, take a few breaks to give your new hires time to process the material. Don’t be afraid to use Zoom’s features like chat interactions and polling new employees during some of your sessions to get the most out of them.

Tip #5. Motivate Your New Team To Do Their Best

 You must motivate your new team members to do their best in order to lead effectively. So, try to figure out what these new recruits require from you in order to be engaged and productive. This aim can be achieved by completing the following:  

  • Allow your top performers and/or leaders to share their stories and experiences through videos or blog postings. 
  • Provide details on the possibility for advancement in certain roles.
  • Supply movies, web pages, or other papers that explain your company’s mission, vision, and values.

Tip #6. Follow The Procedure To The Letter 

Always go over the procedure completely with new hires to ensure they are aware of everything they need to know. Because videos are so important in this process, make a few to share with your new hires. It should never be viewed as a one-time occurrence.

Allow Nova Team Solutions to begin your remote team onboarding process. 

As companies seek to maximise remote talent, virtual employee onboarding is becoming more popular. However, it comes with its own set of problems that organisations must handle in order to reap the benefits of recruiting remote workers. As a result, we presented practical ways to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in overcoming these obstacles. 

Working with a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider like NOVA, in addition to the solutions listed above, will make your virtual onboarding process go much more smoothly. NOVA assists small and mid-sized businesses in hiring and onboarding remote workers. We tailor our services to your company’s specific requirements. In order for local firms to compete worldwide, we also coordinate our BPO solutions to produce exceptional results. Contact our us today for a free consultation call. 


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