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Benefits of Business Outsourcing/Offshoring Post COVID-19

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The recent pandemic has proven that we are truly a globalised work-force. Boundaries around labour markets have become more flexible. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is now a huge by-product of this pandemic, as Australian companies try to cut labour costs and make the most of allowing their employees to work remotely. It’s the perfect answer to Australia’s rising labour costs and stringent penalties for incorrect employment agreements.

Since the pandemic, Australia was forced to close its borders, so many activities were moved online, and businesses have come to rely on BPOs to keep their operations going.

But how is it working with a remote team overseas?

Adam Stewart, Director of Debt Recoveries Australia and ADC Legal (make these hyperlinks please) shares his experience working with BPOs during the pandemic and how such an arrangement can be taken into consideration by businesses in the post-COVID era.


“We have been working with Cloudstaff and now Nova Team Solutions in the Philippines for approximately 6 years. BPOs have been an incredibly cost-effective and flexible way for us to scale and also cut labour costs by about 50%.

During the pandemic, we were initially concerned that our team in the Philippines would not be able to work. “Luckily, within hours of the Philippines Government announcing strict lockdowns, our BPO permitted team members to take their work computers home. For those that didn’t have strong or reliable home internet, we managed to procure Wi-Fi dongles or get extra data on their mobile phone plans. Our entire software platform, Debtcol (link please) is built in the cloud, so this meant we were up and running with a work-from-home model in less than 1 day.”

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“Within a month of the work from home initiatives, we started to notice some changes,” Adam continued. “Most significant, but not unexpected, was the happiness of the team to work from their bedrooms, lounge rooms and kitchen tables. They no longer has to commute to work and got to spend more time with their families. They were happier and the productivity increased as a result.”

“For me, the most surprising realisation has been how the Australian team also appreciate, and desire, to continue with flexible working arrangements in the future. I would expect many more Australian companies will also be exploring what a post-COVID world will look like in terms of office-based environments vs remote working arrangements,” he remarked.


Do you have any experience working with a BPO during the pandemic or are you contemplating tapping a BPO for your business? Share our thoughts through the comments section below.


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