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Hiring vs Outsourcing- What Works for Your Business?

Hiring vs Outsourcing: What Works for Your Business?

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The greatest advantage for you as a company owner is that you will be able to invest more money over the course of a year. While a full-time employee can cost upwards of $40,000, outsourcing a task to a virtual assistant can be much less. Yes, some maybe more expensive per hour, but you’re not going to hire them for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. You can employ them for a fixed number of hours per week or month or on a temporary basis. 

Other advantages of outsourcing task to a virtual assistant include not having to pay taxes or provide them with any kind of compensation package. You won’t have to deal with payroll or figuring out vacation and sick days. 


Business Advantage

A virtual assistant is a person who is employed directly with Nova, but works full-time, for you. They work in our office in the Philippines, or from their home. They have access to their own computer, printers, and office supplies. They set their own schedule and charge in a variety of ways, including by project, by hour, or by a monthly set number of hours. 

Your business only pays outsource work to a virtual assistant for the time they spend working on your projects when you hire them. In addition, many VAs are willing to work on weekends and evenings. 

If you employed someone in-house, you’d have to provide them with a workspace as well as office supplies and equipment like a laptop. You’d still have to pay them extra if you needed them to work on the weekend. 

Another benefit of outsourcing to a virtual assistant for your company is that you won’t have to offer any advanced training to them. When it comes to recruiting a virtual assistant, you actually search for these characteristics. 

You may, for example, be searching for a virtual assistant to assist you with installing software or managing your ecommerce site. You might also recruit anyone with graphic design expertise. You are not required to train them in any of these fields. 

You’ll also notice that outsourcing task to a virtual assistant is not the same as working with a paid employee. Their responsibilities can change weekly or monthly, or you may only need them at specific times of the year. Outsourcing will save you money while also ensuring that you have assistance during peak seasons or when introducing new products in your business.

Here at Nova Team Solutions, we are focused and dedicated on creating exceptional outsourcing experiences for high growth companies in sectors including debt collection, legal services, finance and accounting, healthcare, professional services and many more. 

We have highly skilled and specialised staff in many diverse fields who are perfect for your company. Nova provides powerful, flexible outsourcing solutions that will help your company be more profitable. Here are some of the areas we can help with: 

Allow yourself and your staff to concentrate on the high-value, skill required tasks that make a real difference to your bottom line.

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