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Nova provides you with a complete solution for your business process needs, from one personal assistant to a team of 100 administration staff, we can handle it all for you, no dramas. We provide the staff member, office, internet, desk, chairs, computer, headsets, everything you need. All you need to do is train your new team members on what they will be doing for you.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is also called "staff leasing". Nova is a staff-leasing agency. We charge a monthly administration fee for each team member you want to employ. We also on-charge your employees' wages, much like temporary employment agencies. This fee is often less than the cost of hiring human-resource experts and payroll accountants.

Because Nova workers are not considered employees of your company in a legal sense, all HR-related issues, personal injury and workers' compensation claims , medical etc, become our responsibility here at Nova. The Philippines is one such country.

Why the Philippines?

Lots of Australian, UK and US firms are outsourcing to the Philippines as a cost saving measure. It's the No 1 country in the world now, for outsourcing. Labour is much less expensive in the Philippines. This labour-cost arbitrage means that your Nova team mates are able to do the same work for considerably less money than your current in-house counterparts. For example, accountants and human-resource managers can often be eliminated, greatly reducing payroll costs.

English is the second most common language in the Philippines and they also have a large, college educated, English speaking workforce.

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What's the Steps Involved?

Our step-by-step process can be adapted for companies of any size and for teams of any size.


Discovery and Project Planning

Our Client Success Team will work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your business and the goals you are aiming to achieve. You will be assigned an Australian Client Manager, who will work with you to find out exactly what your needs are and how many staff you are looking for.

Your Client Manager will meet with you face to face, or via web-hook up, then go through all your needs and really find out what your pain points are and what sort of staff you need, along with what type of qualifications you require for your out-sourced staff.


Sourcing and Recruiting

The process of sourcing and recruiting your new team members is accomplished, by us, on your behalf. We do all interviewing, shortlisting, HR on-boarding, medicals, insurances and employment contracts. We do it all. You can be involved at any stage, if you wish. You can sit in on the interviews, or leave it to us. It's up to you how much involvement you want to have in setting up your team, or we can do it all for you. No dramas.


On-boarding of Team Members

Once a candidate has been finalised, your new team member will be formally inducted to all Nova security, HR and client policy procedures. Working with your Client Manager and also your own team members, your new Nova team member will be quickly trained up on your companies processes and the tasks you require them to do. We strongly recommend you get involved in this process, since the success of your team will depend a lot on how you train them. We can do some of it for you for sure, however, we find the most successful teams are the ones that have been trained well from the start.

We find that with teams of 3 or more, it's best if you come to the Nova training centre and office, in Clark, Philippines, to train your team personally. You can then transfer all of your own company intellectual property, thoughts and processes, directly to your team. Once you have trained your "pioneer" team mate, they can then train and transfer the knowledge to future team members.


Monitoring and Supervision

Nova will monitor and review your teams daily. We will supervise and provide all HR-related support. We also provide all employee insurances, including medical. Your Nova Client Manager will work with you to set your team's goals and objectives, assess their progress and provide ongoing coaching and feedback. This ensures your team members are consistently meeting their objections and strengthening your business.

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