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Key Benefits to Outsourcing Legal Processes for Law Firms

Key Benefits to Outsourcing Legal Processes for Law Firms

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The legal process of outsourcing in the Philippines began many years ago when a couple of outsider merchants sparked the legal outsourcing industry’s growth. One of the primary causes for the establishment and continued existence of Legal Process Outsourcing in the Philippines may be attributed to the steadily rising legal costs in countries such as the Australia and New Zealand, as well as the negative consequences of the global pandemic. 

Legal process outsourcing can be a major cost-cutting technique. LPO entails assigning legal work to one or more full-time legal assistants in the Philippines. Consider all of the mundane daily tasks that can be transferred to a third party. 

By outsourcing their administrative responsibilities to a full-time assistant hired by Nova in the Philippines, they may save time, money, and minimise their workload. This frees you up to engage in other things. Obtaining new business and giving good service to existing clients is the overall goal. 

It’s important to recognise and use your strengths in order to make practising law more productive. Regrettably, running a legal practice, like any other business, has a large number of duties that require your time and attention. This is where legal process outsourcing can come in handy. There are many competent outsourced legal services available, as well as independent lawyers and low-cost practitioners. 

Difference between offshoring and Legal process outsourcing  

“Outsourcing” is a classic example of confusion. It’s especially useful to understand the distinction between legal process outsourcing and outsourcing. 

Local lawyers and specialists are used to perform particular activities like as scanning, document review, and minor court appearances as part of legal process outsourcing. 

While outsourcing is merely the process of using low-cost foreign labour to complete work remotely. 

Philippines Legal Process Outsourcing Services  

One of the benefits of working with a reputable legal process outsourcing provider in the Philippines is that they offer a comprehensive range of services that encompass almost all duties that may be outsourced. In addition, the organisation is comprised of a highly moral group who place a high value on our responsibility to maintain privacy. 

With highly competent, qualified, and experienced workforce, outsourcing legal process to the Philippines frees up time and resources, which in turns increase client-facing time. 

Industry trends for legal process outsourcing  

Clients anticipate law firms to go above and beyond the traditional offer of services and assistance in 2021, according to legal industry trends. To stay competitive and productive, more law firms are turning to legal outsourcing. Indeed, the global legal process outsourcing industry is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 31.8 percent from 2019 to 2025, according to estimates. By 2025, the market is expected to have grown to $35.9 billion. 

Here at Nova Team Solutions, we are focused and dedicated on creating exceptional outsourcing experiences for high growth companies in the legal services, finance and accounting, healthcare, professional services and many more. 

Nova provides powerful, flexible outsourcing solutions that will help your company be more profitable. Here are some of the areas we can help with: 

We have highly skilled and specialised staff who are perfect for your company. Nova provides powerful, flexible outsourcing solutions that will help your company be more profitable.  

Allow yourself and your staff to concentrate on the high-value, skill required tasks that make a real difference to your bottom line. 

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