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Outsourcing to Philippines - Types of Legal Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Philippines – Types of Legal Process Outsourcing

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Outsourcing to Philippines ; Legal Process Outsourcing, or LPO, is an offshore term that encompasses legal work that is moved by businesses from places where it is expensive to do, such as the Australia and New Zealand, to regions where comparable work is conducted at a lower cost, such as the Philippines. 

In general, there appears to be an endless list of jobs that your law company could outsource. Additionally, new businesses emerge on a regular basis that provide innovative outsourcing solutions. 

Aspects of law firms that are commonly used in legal process outsourcing: 

Written work

Specialised legal outsourcing organisations are rapidly displacing traditional staffing firms. They provide flexible staffing for certain tasks, such as professional freelance lawyers. 

Obviously, this means that competent freelance lawyers are easily accessible and contacted to get the job done, whether you need a lawyer to work in your office to assist with a specific case or a lawyer to work remotely on a discrete task. 

Court appearance

For a non-substantive court appearance, you may be required to spend five minutes in front of the judge. Despite the fact that you may have to wait for up to an hour before your issue is called, you have already spent multiple hours travelling. 

Only a few minutes of value were rendered from the client’s perspective. Despite several working hours spent examining the case. This might lead to billing disputes. Additionally, this time can eat up a significant portion of a flat fee. 

Overall, take advantage of the growing industry of available appearance advice (or per diems). They will appear at hearings in your area for low-cost or reduced-rate services. Obviously, appearance advice can help you save time. The amount of time you can spend doing more work while charging your full rate. 

E-Discovery for simpler document Review 

You do not need to waste time scanning, editing, or completing the evaluation to deal with your major resources. There are various companies that provide low-cost scanning and coding services. 

Furthermore, if document review needs to be outsourced, there are organisations that provide access to a large pool of contract lawyers. However, you will only be compensated a fraction of what you would pay a full-time employee. As a result, some companies offer on-site lawyers, while others provide off-site lawyers who monitor document reviews online. 


Specifically, any aspect of your work can be delegated to a contract attorney or other service provider. Some of the additional work that you might want to consider outsourcing is outlined below: 

          • Agreements 
          • Document review 
          • Pleadings 
          • Leases 
          • Legal articles 
          • Motions 
          • Wills 
          • Deposition summaries 
          • Trusts 
          • Legal research and memos 
          • Pleadings 
          • Powers of attorney 
          • Discovery responses and pleadings including motions to compel/protective order 
          • Discovery, such as subpoenas, RFPs, RROGS, and RFAs 

Common services of legal process outsourcing  

Some of the various services companies in the Philippines offered legal process outsourcing services include: 

          • Law Office Management   
          • Legal Research 
          • Legal Billing Services  
          • Trial Briefs Writing Services 
          • Legal Drafting and Analysis 
          • Legal Memorandum Writing Services 
          • Legal Document Review & Management 
          • Preliminary reviews of documents, due diligence reviews of internal documents 
          • A comprehensive range of document management services 


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