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General Pricing for your Nova Star Team Member

Nova Team Solutions can save you up to 70% on hiring costs when compared to hiring locally, without losing quality, working conditions, data security, or employee retention.

You will pay our monthly service fee, plus the full-time salary of your assigned Nova Star Member.

Nova Team Solutions will charge our own monthly service fee, per employee. This monthly fixed price per employee will cover all of your Nova members normal running costs, including HR, payroll, equipment, office, utility bills, taxes and staff insurances.

Nova Team Solutions provides the best facilities and other support services to our staff so that they may give their all for our clients.

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Nova Team Solutions has a completely clear fee that is paid on a monthly basis. We are not striving to be the most cost-effective outsourcing service, but we believe we provide the best value in the business today.

You simply pay our monthly fee, plus your assigned team member’s monthly salary. An annual compensation comparison chart for an outsourced office-based workforce in the Philippines against an in-house employee is shown below.

Outsourcing salary comparison chart.
All amounts are in Australia dollars (AUD) per annum 2021-2022.

Customer Service$35,275$3,337
Copy Writer$62,653$4,767
Graphic Artist$37,596$3,883
HR Manager$66,518$9,506
IT Representatives$59,938$5,722
Project Manager$86,029$21,458
Software Developer$62,653$7,221
Software Engineer$62,653$8,333
Technical Support$38,232$4,638
Team Leaders$45,428$7,152
Virtual Assistance$31,797$2,285

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