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Outsourced legal staffing provided by Nova Team Solutions can help you lower costs,
address staffing shortages and improve the profitability of your practice.

Legal outsourcing, also commonly called legal process outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm or legal counsel within a corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal services company.

Legal processes that do not require face-to-face interaction, such as legal research, document review and writing, data entry, report-generating and administrative services can be outsourced. Many firms are also outsourcing e-discovery to the Philippines. Outsourcing some of your more administrative legal tasks will make your law firm more efficient, scalable, flexible and profitable, by reducing overhead and payroll costs.

Why outsource to the Philippines?

The most obvious is cost savings. Ever had a legal employee that was not performing but still costing you a small fortune to employ? Outsourcing in the Philippines is up to 70% cheaper than Western countries When you combine this with a great work ethic and high accuracy, it’s an easy decision.

Similarities in laws and jurisprudence

Philippine law is based on the British Common Law which is followed by the US and Commonwealth nations like Australia, New Zealand, etc.

No shortage of legal talent:

Around 100,000 law graduates pass out from 1200+ law colleges in the Philippines every year. And there are about 1.5 million registered attorneys in the country.

No. 1 outsourcing destination in the world:

The Philippines is world’s outsourcing hub as it has the world’s largest English-speaking population after the US. NTS taps this talent pool to hire the most able and efficient legal professionals for you.

Legal Assistants

Nova’s Legal Assistants are experts in domains like healthcare, corporate law, real estate, family law, bankruptcy, patent and trademark, probate assistance, litigation and immigration laws.

Legal Researchers

Legal Researchers are experienced in preparing judgment and trial memos. They’re efficient writers who present litigation strategies and draft briefs, review records and draft documents.

Legal Transcription Specialists

Nova’s Legal Transcriptionists can transcribe legal correspondence, pleadings, motions, discoveries, legal memorandums, agreements and time entries. They’re experts at transcribing hearings, like Court, Arbitration, Administrative or Public hearings, and Depositions, Testimonies, Court tapes, Subpoenas, etc.

Legal Analysts

Nova’s remote Legal Analysts collect and organize data, and perform research and analysis for corporates, insurance firms, educational institution and governmental agencies. VE’s corporate legal analysts draft contracts, stock options and investments of shareholders, etc.

Legal Support Specialists

VE’s Legal Support experts can remotely review documents, medical claims and litigation, contract management and intellectual property rights. They’re specialists at providing litigation support, core case preparation and drafting, and preparing medical and deposition summaries.

Paralegal Specialists

VE's remote Paralegals can handle paper work in probates of estates, divorce action, bankruptcies and investigations. They're also adept at depositions, preparing and answering interrogations, procedural motions, etc.

Legal Records Managers

VE's dedicated Legal Records Management professionals can store and manage tons of data and also facilitate document retention and shredding.

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Outsourcing of legal accounts receivables

Work more efficiently and attend to your cases with undivided attention.
Leave your collection processes to reliable agents, outsource now this function to a para-legal debt collection specialist.

Send us an inquiry and let our company assist you in collecting your client invoices.

Why lawyers need an assistant when collecting invoices?

Lawyers are often busy with their cases and legal services. For lawyers to present the best output they could produce, it is imperative that they focus on the work at hand.

You will definitely need assistance with invoice collections so you could concentrate on your client’s needs.

Call center agents will collect all your client’s bills in a friendly and calm manner. This helps clients gain more trust and respect for you and your firm.

Benefits for you

Free Up Your Time

Would you rather focus on your client's trial or would you rather waste precious time on paperwork? Outsource to VE so you can focus on business expansion and overall growth.

Complete Confidentiality

Your legal records & paperwork are in the safe hands of VE’s legal resources who handle your work dedicatedly with utmost confidentiality.

Strict Adherence to Deadlines

Would you rather focus on your client's trial or would you rather waste precious time on paperwork? Outsource to VE so you can focus on business expansion and overall growth.

100% Accuracy

VE’s legal resources are thorough in their work & they strive to ensure that clients' legal documentation is in proper order and on time.

Efficient Calendar Management

VE’s team members also manage daily calendars for busy clients and prepare the list of tasks to be done for the upcoming weeks. This includes frequent follow up on status of cases, notification of new developments, litigation support, etc.

Cost Saving

As compared to hiring locally, VE’s offshore legal resources get the job done at a substantially lower cost. Hiring remote legal specialists also ensures that you don’t have to bother about office overheads and employee benefits..

Why choose Nova Team Solutions as your LPO BPO Provider?

Nova Team Solutions is a leading provider of legal process services here in the Philippines. We currently have a handful of law firms as our clients ranging from debt recovery law firms to legal service companies. Contact us to know more about our services.

Call today to inquire about the Legal Outsource Services available from Nova Team Solutions and take your services to the next level.

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