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What to Outsource To a Virtual Assistant.

What To Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

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You run a company, manage staff, arrange meetings, answer phone calls, organize all of your documents and speak to customers. It’s getting tiring! Particularly when you have to do all of this on your own. When you can concentrate on the duties that will help your bottom line, you waste too much time doing the minor admin stuff.


It’s important that these activities are taken care of and your daily schedule stays structured in order to help your company develop and run smoothly. This is precisely why many companies outsource their admin duties to a virtual assistant so that they can concentrate on establishing customer relationships and developing the organization strategically.Admin duties can be small activities, but when you spend five minutes here and five minutes there, it all adds up to hours of wasted time for you.


There are a wide variety of roles you can hand on to a Virtual Assistant, whether you are in sales, marketing, real estate or something else in between.
Here are only some of the potential tasks that can assist you with your VA:


• Managing the emails
• Check out spam
• Response to incoming inquiries and requests for customer support
• Book appointments
• Send reminders
• Give greeting cards, invites to an event and reminders
• Organize preparations and arrangements for trips
• Preparing agendas for online meetings and bookkeeping
• Send invoices
• Online analysis research


Management for CRM
• Entry of data into Microsoft Word or Google Docs
• Organize files if you’re in Sales, Marketing, Real Estate or something else in between, you can hand on toa Virtual Assistant to a wide variety of administrative tasks.
• Organization of Google Drive
• Contact information update for CRM
• Creating models for letterheads and documents
• Develop and format forms, records, presentations
• Developing and handling spreadsheets
• Conversions to PDF
• Divide and combine documents


•Write blog posts
• Moderate comments and ratings on blogs
•Add tags and photographs to blog posts
• Schedule updates from social media into a preparation tool
• Moderate comments and updates from social media
• Creating accounts and communities on social media
• Website inventory update


Project Management
• Planhandling with the team
• Preparing materials for training
• Educate new hires or team members on organisational activities
• Handle communications
• Schedule appointments


It’s time to switch your attitude from “I’m so busy” to “what’s the best use of my time?” ”. You may be amazed at all the little things that at first do not seem much, but end up eating up your precious time and energy. You may not understand it, but you waste hours on boring projects that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant.


Here at Nova Team Solutions, we are focused and dedicated on creating exceptional outsourcing experiences for high growth companies in sectors including debt collection, legal services, finance and accounting, healthcare, professional services and many more.
We have highly skilled and specialised staff in many diverse fields who are perfect for your company. Nova provides powerful, flexible outsourcing solutions that will help your company be more profitable. Here are some of the areas we can help with:

· Personal Assistant and Admin Support

· Call Centre Services

· Debt Collection

· Accounting and Finance

· Legal Support

· Technical Support

· Online Marketing

· Real Estate Support.

Allow yourself and your staff to concentrate on the high-value, skill required tasks that make a real difference to your bottom line.

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