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Why Aussies Outsource to The Philippines in 2023

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The Philippines has made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after outsourcing locations for multinational corporations and businesses from other nations over a long period of time. Australia is one of the nations that often outsources to the Philippines. 

Why then do so many Australian companies favour outsourcing to the Philippines? Some of the explanations for Australian outsourcing to the Philippines in 2023 are listed below. 

One of the numerous considerations Australian companies take into account when outsourcing is the Philippines’ high level of English ability. The ICT infrastructure and skill sets are just two of the tools at hand that provide Australian businesses an edge. 

Competitive pricing. 

Owners of businesses, especially startups, profit from the lower costs when outsourcing functions like bookkeeping and accounting. Some businesses have established an offshore staff to lower the expense and vacancy of local employees. Offshoring has the ability to cut the cost of office overhead by 70%. 

For reference, offshore rates in the Philippines might be anything from $5 to $8 per hour. The average monthly wage of employees from the Philippines is similar to about one-fifth of the typical salary in Australia, although it depends on the position you are outsourcing. 

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Accessible skilled labour. 

Because of the assistance from their overseas employees, some Australian businesses are able to increase their market reach. For others, the effects include lessening the reason for delays and reaching more sensible objectives. 

These benefits are made feasible by the variety of abilities present in the Philippines. As more Australian BPOs have established themselves in the Philippines in recent years, many Filipino professionals are now able to study Australian business practises like accounting. 

Australia is only two hours ahead of the Philippines in terms of time zones. 

Due to the little time zone difference, company operations adjustments won’t be too difficult. Teams can maintain a healthy work-life balance because there is no need for graveyard hours.  

Concentrate on your main tasks. 

Offshoring is a smart strategy for assigning work so you have more time for other options. Finding the correct person for the job, giving clear instructions, and using a project management platform where you can set and track deadlines are some of the keys to effective delegation. 

If your outsourcing service provider offers you fast feedback on the work of your team and technical support, it is a significant aspect. 

Cultural resemblances. 

One of the reasons some business owners are still hesitant to outsource is cultural differences. We also ignore the commonalities as we focus more intently on these contrasts. For instance, Filipinos find it simpler to get along with and collaborate with Australians due to their warmth and friendliness. 

NOVA works to bridge two cultures by creating a welcoming environment for everyone. Introducing new staff to Australian culture is one method to achieve this. We think that working effectively as a team is essential to improving productivity.  

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Minimised investment risk. 

Many businesses and nations were affected by the pandemic’s economic snag. This has an effect on the company’s overall performance. Offshoring is a terrific approach to steer clear of, or at least lessen, the dangers that come with doing business in such situations. For instance, if energy prices increase where your outsourced service provider is situated, you won’t be immediately impacted.  

The onboarding of your remote employees is something that Nova Teams Solutions can assist with. Virtual employee onboarding is becoming more and more popular as companies look for ways to utilise remote talent. 

To gain from hiring remote workers, however, organisations must also overcome certain additional challenges. As a result, we were able to provide useful advice to assist small and medium-sized businesses in overcoming these difficulties. 

Small and medium-sized organisations can hire and onboard remote workers with the aid of NOVA. Our services are customised to meet the unique needs of your business.  

For an obligation-free consultation, get in touch with us right away. 


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