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Why You Should Outsource Debt Collection to the Philippines

Why You Should Outsource Debt Collection to the Philippines

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Debt is more common these days and even more difficult to collect, during the pandemic. You can’t focus on your core strengths if you handle your accounts receivable in-house. It is undoubtedly a smart idea to outsource your customer service and collections to the Philippines. It successfully enhances the output and revenue of your firm. 

Here’s why companies should outsource debt collection services to the Philippines: 


Debt collection organisations, like call centres, have a lot of debt collection experience and know how to interact with debtors so they can get their money back quickly. 


When you’re dealing with accounts receivable and late payments, it’s difficult to focus on your everyday work and promotion for your firm. By outsourcing debt collection to the Philippines, you can focus on your business. This allows you to focus on potential revenue opportunities while simultaneously improving your productivity. 


If you engage the proper outsourcing/offshoring company, such as Nova Team Solutions,call centre and collections agency, you can rest assured that they will be committed to reducing and regulating misconduct rates. 


Collection agencies must follow the ACCC’s standards as well as Australian consumer law in general. Untrustworthy collection practicses could result in expensive lawsuits, adding to the costs. Transfer the risk and obligation to an offshoring company, such as Nova, that has debt collection experience, debt collection firm that is knowledgeable with debtors and the laws that protect them. 


The laws and regulations governing the collection sector are constantly changing. It’s critical to keep current with all federal debt collection and recovery requirements. If you outsource your collections and call centre activities, you can rest assured that no legal concerns will develop. 

When you hire a debt collection agency to help you with your business, it may have an impact on any current business relationships you have with some of your customers. They may be able to collect bad debts more quickly than in-house personnel, but at a greater cost. 

As a result, it should only be used if all other methods have failed on any customer who has been a long-term and highly valued customer up to this point but is having temporary issues. 

Here at Nova Team Solutions, we are focused and dedicated on creating exceptional outsourcing experiences for high growth companies in the legal & debt collection services, finance & accounting, healthcare, professional services and many more. 


Benefits Guaranteed by Our Nova Debt Collection Services Team 

  • Get the service of highly trained debt collectors 
  • Maintain good customer/client relationship 
  • Achieve a healthier bottom line 


Why choose Nova Team Solutions as your Debt Collection BPO Provider? 

Nova can help you develop a debt collection team so you can focus on other parts of your business. We can also put together debt collection teams. We’ll assist you in setting up a debt collection method if you don’t currently have one. We’ll be able to streamline the entire process and recover debts in a more professional and timely manner as a result. 

Nova provides powerful, flexible outsourcing solutions for debt collection services that will help your company be more profitable. Here are some of the areas we can help with:  

  • Monitoring accounts to identify outstanding debts 
  • Investigating historical data for each debt or bill 
  • Finding and contacting clients to ask about their overdue payments 
  • Taking actions to encourage timely debt payments 
  • Processing payments and refunds if necessary 
  • Resolving billing and customer credit issues 
  • Updating account status records and collection efforts 
  • Reporting on collection activity and accounts receivable status


Allow yourself and your staff to concentrate on the high-value, skill-required tasks that make a real difference to your bottom line.


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