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Referrals Made Easy and Rewarding

At Nova Team Solutions, we are always looking for new clients to come off-shore for their business needs.

With your help as a Nova Affiliate Partner, we can help as many businesses as possible take advantage of off-shoring some of their business services today, using our Nova Affiliate Partner Program where you can show prospective clients how to save up to 70% on HR and employment costs in areas such as personal assistance, call centre staff, sales, customer service, tech support, accounting, legal services, data entry and live chat support to name a few.

Who can be part of Prime Outsourcing’s Affiliate Program?

Anyone who can use the Internet is eligible to become a Nova Affiliate Partner. If you are already a client of Nova Team Solutions, you are automatically eligible to participate in our Referral and Affiliate Program. We like to give back to our clients by way of discounts, showing much appreciation for sending business our way. So we invite you to participate in this simple but very rewarding program. By referring your friends to us, you can either pocket the cash or get us to take it off your monthly bill. Easy.

What’s in it for you?

You will earn recurring revenue, for the first 12 months, for simply referring introductions to us and earn on-going monthly commissions for active agents that come on board with us.
You get 20% of the Nova fee for each full-time employee, for 12 months. Earn money while you sleep.
All you have to do is refer a business or company to us for staff leasing services. We’ll do the rest. Easy.

How can I join the Nova Affiliate Program?

Keep reading. Down below is a simple form, with our terms, then another form, with the details of your referral, or you can just call us or email us with the details of who you are referring.

As an Affiliate of Nova Team Solutions, what do I do?

All you have to do is endorse and promote the company as well as the staff leasing services it offers. You can convince anyone you know to choose Nova Team Solutions to provide their outsourcing and staff leasing needs. You may also advertise our website on your website with the use of hyperlinks, widgets, banners, badges or site stripes. The lead you refer must be “qualified”, so they are interested in our services and want to move ahead to the next step of on-boarding a staff member.

What do I get from being a Nova Affiliate?

For every new client and each employee you successfully direct to Nova Team Solutions, you will get 20% of the Nova fee, for each employee, for the first 12 months.

Commission is payable so long as the employee remains employed by Nova, with that same client. You will receive your commission for 12 months following your referral.

An example of calculation of commission would be:

If 1 full-time employee hired:

Nova fee is AUD$750.00 per month per employee.
Commission will be AUD$750.00 times 20%, equaling AUD$150.00 per month

If second employee for same client hired:

Commission on second employee would be AUD$750.00 times 20%, equaling AUD$150.00 per month.

Total commission for two full-time employees

AUD$300.00 per month

so on for more employees.

Commissions paid each month, for 12 months.

The more clients you refer, the more money you make and
all you have to do is refer your client to us and we will do the rest.

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out this Affiliate application Form and we will get in touch to confirm your application. Once the form is filled out, you can immediately can start introducing us to companies that could benefit from Nova outsourcing by filling out the form you see below:

If you want to jump ahead and have a referral already,
simply fill in this form:


Outsourcing. Made. Simple.