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Our Values

True Work-Life Balance

Work from home options and flexible working hours are standard at Nova. We consider this a right for every Nova Star- to be connected to their family and friends. You should have the choice to work from home or the office. We give you that flexibility.

Open and Transparent Management

We have an open and direct management approach. You will be part of the decision-making and part of the growth of Nova.

Stress-free work-place

Our office is your second home.

Culture and working environment

We have a friendly, inclusive culture - one that is warm and welcoming, progressive, inclusive and supportive. We encourage diversity and foster open communication where individuality and personal expression are valued. We aim to strike a healthy balance between working hard and maintaining a high level of professionalism with having fun.

By having happy and engaged people, we ensure our clients also have a great experience.
From a career perspective, we offer everything you would expect from a high-quality Outsourcing Services company

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