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Top 5 Call Centre Outsourcing Tips

Top 5 Call Centre Outsourcing Tips

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There has been a substantial increase in the outsourcing of non-core jobs to an external offshore location in the last couple of decades. The main reason behind this move was largely economic, according to the ‘Global Outsourcing and Insourcing’ study from Deloitte, as offshoring provides a competitive price point, and companies can concentrate on core strategic competencies. While there is a small rising reversal trend in which businesses that have historically outsourced their jobs carry it back to their country, only 16% of respondents take back their job and the remaining 84% of respondents want to profit from the benefits provided by outsourcing the call centre.

TIP #1. Customer support demands

Customers have recently been demanding round-the-clock assistance at any time, anywhere and on any platform. It is both time-consuming and very costly to set up an in-house call centre service, and offering round the clock and after-hour support is not a practical choice for many businesses around the world. Call centre outsourcing service providers through their distribution centres across the globe will provide you with multi-channel support networks and offer value by increasing customer loyalty with the service that ‘follows the sun’.

TIP #2. Identify peak volume overflow

Businesses are unable to manage peak volume overflow, which leads to unsatisfactory customer services over a period of time that hurts their business, according to ISG’s ‘Peak time for contact centre outsourcing’ study. You will insure that this issue is dealt with by outsourcing the call centre services to an external venue. Businesses will focus on their core competencies and boost their success in the global market with increased levels of services delivered by call centre outsourcing providers.

TIP #3. Cost reduction

A complex economy coupled with increasing industry across geographies and a growing customer base has provided a strong indicator for contact centre operations: the conditions for call centre outsourcing buyers are strongly favourable. In many companies that are turning the tide in favour of outsourcing, there are high internal operating costs and less than ideal call centre agent efficiency. In reality, it can save close to 50% of operating costs by offshoring call centre operations to countries such as Philippines. Call centre outsourcing is not only about saving money now, it is a strategic instrument for companies to power the global economy.

TIP #4. Specialised industry knowledge

Providers of call centre outsourcing have in-depth experience of delivering services to multiple sectors. With years of experience, the primary workers working with these outsourcing vendors will be able to provide useful insights and apply validated strategies. They will provide a customised client experience of the highest quality with the aid of advanced technology and call centre analytics.

TIP #5. Cost management

An in-house call centre service is prone to low volumes on several occasions. For companies where there is no guarantee of sustainability, this is an expensive figure. You can work with flexible pricing options and better control your costs by outsourcing your call centre operations to an offshore venue. Vendors typically operate on the cost-per-transaction (CPT) model and have put rigors instruments in place to reliably calculate per-call costs to insure profitability. This degree of cost control allows businesses to assess the efficacy and overall operations of their marketing strategies.

BONUS TIP #1. Call centre data insights

You not only save money by outsourcing the call centre activities, but also collect details on multiple fronts. Outsourcing providers understand the significance of the data and can transform the knowledge into actionable insights that help to enhance the processes of customers. In fact, anticipating their needs is the main element of delivering a great customer experience, and this can be achieved by translating call centre analytics to actionable insights.


BONUS TIP #2. Multiple digital engagement

Gone are the days when the operations of call centres relied solely on phone calls. Today, they have multi-channel support and touch points across all digital platforms, such as email, web chat, social media, SMS, mobile, video chat, and more. It is this holistic approach by suppliers of call centre outsourcing that pushes many businesses to opt for an external service provider. In addition, organisations that have multi-channel support receive double the loyalty of customers year on year. At a sustainable price point, it is incredibly difficult to get this kind of profit in-house.

Businesses have begun to outsource their call centre activities to an offshore location for more than 20 years, and progress seems to continue on a positive trajectory. While there has been little concern in the past, today there is a rising agreement from businesses around the world to outsource customer service activities to an offshore location to take advantage of the advantages it brings with it.

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