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Why More Aussie Businesses Are Hiring Offshore Workers Due to COVID

Why More Aussie Businesses Are Hiring Offshore Workers Due to COVID

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Hiring Offshore Workers -Despite the fact that Australia’s international borders remain permanently locked, businesses are increasingly looking abroad for talent. 

Due to significant talent shortages at home and an increase in remote work, more organisations are beginning to feel driven to look for their next recruit in Southeast Asia. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s impossible to make ends meet with just cash. Across all industries, one out of every four local businesses claims they can’t find qualified candidates, a statistic that is only expected to worsen as the number of available competitors shrinks. 

As a result, looking into offshore is the best alternative; it’s a talent shortages trend that exploded throughout the pandemic. 

Offshore Workers Outsourcing To The Philippines

There has been a rush of Australian businesses outsourcing employment to Southeast Asia throughout the pandemic. Local businesses are gradually filling positions with labour from the Philippines while international borders remain closed and skill shortages lessen. 

Businesses are trying to hire the best Offshore Workers across a wide range of industries and positions, with tech facing some of the most severe skills shortages. 

Nova, in essence, connects Aussie companies with full-time staff, based in the Philippines. We handle contracts directly across many sectors, including the corporate circle, from start-ups to ASX-listed firms, with demands extending into service industries, bookkeeping, lending, and all spectrum of technical support.  

In the last year, research have revealed that the company’s outsourced revenue has increased by nearly 50% since September. According to statistics, about 150 Offshore Workers are hired in the Philippines on a monthly basis. 

It Appears That Outsourcing Is Here To Stay

The pandemic has often aided in the piloting of much of that boom, as firms have re-evaluated their hiring decisions. While outsourcing has been around for a long time, it has a bad reputation, as it is more usually associated with telemarketing duties than with a broader ability pool. 

Meanwhile, despite being established for almost a decade, several misinterpretations are currently being tested in Australia owing to actual need. 

Furthermore, there is an unbelievable depth of talent on Australia’s doorstep, and countries such as the Philippines have a lot to offer in terms of pleasant time zones, English proficiency, flexibility, and generally lower costs. 

Australia is currently experiencing a skills shortage, which will not be rectified even if the borders remain open. 

Adam Stewart, Director, Nova Team Solutions, believes the tendency will continue after the epidemic, as outsourcing becomes more widely accepted as an important element of a company’s growth strategy. 

Whether this means different parts of the job market where talents aren’t in such short supply is a separate question. 

Adam states, there are some things they may have tracked back on where they should notify their clients that a task isn’t something that should be done through them, especially if it’s a truly innovative job or something that is truly nuanced, such as local events or photography. 

Clearly, some positions will function best when a group of creative brains is gathered around a whiteboard or a computer. So, in that situation, they were happy to say no. 

As technological developments make it easier to manage remote teams and social shifts make it more appealing, there’s no doubt a pipeline of organisations considering it. 

Finally, the offshoring industry argues that it has improved recently, realising that in the past, Australian businesses have been’scorched’ by unethical operators. 

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